Amazon Kids Bike Helmets

amazon best seller kids bike helmets

The screenshot was captured on Oct 10th from Amazon’s official website for kids bike helmets. The following is the link. As you might know that the ranking is updated hourly. So when you click and check this page, it might give you a different view. However, we focus on data analyze and style checking, not on any branding promotion.

Key Words:

As you can tell, the core keyword is “kids bike helmets”, of course, there are words like a toddler, boy, girls, colors, also their branding name. The key is the kids bike helmet. There is a different application for this type of helmet. It can be used for cycling, scooter, skateboarding, and longboarding, as long as the kids can handle it.

The technology:

It is not easy to tell from the pictures. However, we’ve been in this industry for years and can identify the structure and materials. The No.1 kids bike helmets is made of ABS and EPS, which is quite common for economy helmets. The No.2.5, even 6 is made of PVC and EPS. The No.6 might be made of PC+EPS via in-mold technology since the price is USD 30 plus. It depends because the brand reputation also can give it a high price.

The design:

Half of the kids bike helmets with designs and the other half with pure color. Personally, I agree with the designed helmet makes better sales than the pure color since it is more attractive to kids. However, kids have no financial capacity to make an order. So parents have a high possibility to choose single-color helmets.


Amazon has strict requirement on safety requirements on helmets product, so I do believe the seller obtains the proper certification before they sell it on Amazon. In terms of the safety standards for kids helmets, it is EN1078, CPSC1203. there are the basics.

As a kids bike helmets premium supplier, we do offer all these kinds of helmets with customization services. Please feel free to reach us for a good business opportunity.

amazon best seller kids bike helmets

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