Could you provide a skateboard buying guide?

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We have created a simple skateboard buying guide to help you choose the right skateboard deck. It fits the majority of the buyers, whether you’re a beginner or just looking to refresh your memory. 

Choosing your skateboard deck is the first and most important part of creating your setup, and it can be a lot of fun! The “deck” or “board” refers to the wooden part in the middle of the skateboard.

But how do you choose the right skateboard deck? With so many options available, including size, shape, deck construction, concave, and wheelbase, it can be confusing.

  • The first thing to consider is what type of skating you want to do. This will determine your deck length, wheelbase, and concave. Street skaters tend to opt for smaller boards for faster response, while vert and transition skaters generally opt for wider boards for more stability. All-terrain skaters usually go for an intermediate size. Typical board sizes are between 7.75″ and 8.38″, but this varies depending on personal preference.
  • Deck width is measured in inches and ranges from 7.5″ to 10″. The width is important because it determines how stable and comfortable you will feel on the board.
  • Length and wheelbase are technical details that can affect responsiveness and stability. Most boards are around 31″-33″ long, and wheelbases can be short or long depending on the desired reaction time.
  • Deck shape is another factor to consider. The most common shape is the “popsicle” shape, but there are many other shapes available. Concave refers to the curvature of the deck’s edge and surface, which affects responsiveness and foot arrangement.

Ultimately, the best way to find your perfect setup is to try out different sizes, shapes, and constructions. It’s all about personal preference and finding the board that feels right for you! If you have additional point to add on this skateboard buying guide, you are more than welcome to email us. 

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