Kids scooter helmet market strategy

kids scooter helmet

Kids scooter helmet is become popular recently on market. However, it was invented more two hundreds years ago. It was in 1817. In Germany, few kids used their recycled wood to make a roller scooter. In this sense, basically, Kids are the inventors of Scooter. 

A scooter is a type of transportation vehicles that most used to travel in a certain distance. It is fun way to ride. Typically, it has two wheels, step-through frame, hand bar, accessories. Depends on the power source, there is gas scooter, electric scooter, kick scooter. There is several type of kick scooter, such as three Wheel Scooter, Stunt Scooter, Fold-able Scooter, Dirt Scooter, Flicker Scooter, Space Scooter, Big Wheel Scooter.

In the past time, the material, structure has been greatly improved. The scooter market booming is not as long as the history of the market. Have you thought of this? If a company invested on the scooter products twenty years ago, what would happen? It is just a small market.

From this point of view, we can tell that the market drive the sales of the product. But how the market was formed? What could we do understand the market? In my opinion, it is the consumer need. However, we can’t simply get the answer by asking people what do you need? What is your need? Even people can’t really understand their need. They can like and use it when there is a product fit their need. The question comes out how do we know it?

On one hand, we have to do the market survey to collect the answer; on the other hand, we would need to observe the consumer behavior, and think of the product feature in their position. Then test the product on market, in the meanwhile, we could also further develop the product and service.

To start with a small batch production, it is a trend and also a challenge for most suppliers. Xiuzhi dedicated to this specific market, kids scooter helmet, for a long time and would be able to support your business with small batch production. 

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