sourcing and purchasing service

In order to better meet the customers diversified market need and add values to our dear customers, Here at Xiuzhi Tech, we set up a new department offering sourcing and purchasing service. In this new department, our colleagues can work on the behalf of your company (the buyer party) and within the work scope authorized by your company. 

We believe this will utilize the advantage of supply chain network in mainland China for your company. No matter you are looking for alternative options of your current products suppliers or new items that plan to step into, we are your strong, sincere, and reliable partner.

Our business currently covers industries includes Sports and outdoor, Industrial safety, Nutritional supplement, and has a wide supply chain network in Mainland China.

In the past decades, our team mainly served branding companies, distributors, wholesales, importers, and started to support retails and supermarket this year.

We are expecting to have an opportunity to support and partner with your company. 

Sourcing and Purchasing Service Progress:

In the stage, our team will try to understand the following:

what would you like to source or purchase? (It better includes but not limited to the following details. The item name, its functions or application, the specific or details of the items, the time frame, estimated budget.)

What are the difficulties or challenges currently or in the past?

What would you like to achieve on this project?

How would you like us to report the status? (The format, content, the frequency, the work scope of the report. This could be adjusted as the project status and should be agreed on both parties.)

We will return a proposal and feedback within 3 working days. In this stage, we will present you our solutions, the time frame, additional supports and authorization to work on behalf of your company on this project from your company.

These are for you to learn our ability and professional on your project. And reference for your decision. If our job could meet your expectation, then we discuss the service fee of this project. Then jump into the next stage once we reached an agreement.


You will receive the NDA and contract within 1-2 working days from our legal team. With the contract signed, there is an upfront bill, which should be discussed in stage 2, for this project.

We would share you the original quote from multiple suppliers based on our contract. Sample and shipping fee will be billed if there is a charge. It might be back and forth several times. In the progress, we offer the recording of meetings with the suppliers for your decision reference, and inspect the suppliers with live video stream with you or record videos. Everything will be on your hands, and you could image that the team will be temporarily worked as an outsourcing labor of your company.

The orders can placed to the suppliers directly or via our company. (there is a financial charge fee from the bank and would be billed“AS IS”).

We would track and push the production schedule on your behalf and inspect the goods before shipments.

We would request the balance payment of our service upon the completion of the order fulfillment. And expecting long-term business relationship.

sourcing and purchasing service

How much cost you?

There is no mark up on the quotes. It will be transparent information for you from the factories. In this progress, we offer our time, language and experience then charge on the service. There is three charge options that you could choose upon your most benefits. Because different items and industry need different involvement. The starting point is after we fully executed the NDA agreement and service contact. 

it is based on the frequency of the order and rated on the number of the order.

it is based on the order amount. A certain percentage of the order value as our service. The percentage shall be discussed and argued by both parties.

it is based on the hours used. The travel and related charge will be billed separately.

Currently Supply Chain Network, please check the PRODUCTS page. With the consultation, the network chain is expanding and steadily. We strive to offer the best sourcing and purchasing service for more values on the growing and prosperity of your company!