Scooter Performance

Building a high-performing stunt scooter requires key parts designed and crafted with precision. We at Xiuzhi Tech aim to make every component count.

The Deck

The deck is the foundation – providing stability, balance and support. Decks come in varied materials, shapes and sizes to suit individual needs. We source premium materials to construct durable decks.


Handlebars give riders control. We offer multiple styles and materials to choose from. Our handlebars enable a firm grip and smooth maneuvering.


Wheels play a pivotal role in stability and speed. Therefore, we provide multiple wheel sizes, hardnesses and materials. Larger wheels provide stability while smaller ones enhance tricks.

The Fork and Clamp

The fork holds the front wheel while the clamp secures the handlebars.Both are made from rugged aluminum alloys or steel alloys to withstand impacts. Our fork and clamp ensure a sturdy foundation for riders.

The Headset

The headset connects the fork to the deck, allowing smooth handlebar turning. We offer both threaded and threadless headsets to suit different needs. However, threadless headsets require more upkeep.

In summary, we focus on every component. From durable decks and premium wheels to rugged forks and clamps as well as precision headsets, each part is designed and manufactured using the best materials and technologies. This enables our high-performing stunt scooters to empower riders and maximize performance.