What is the important criteria in choosing a board

Here are some crucial factors to consider when choosing a skateboard:

The shape: This refers to the general outline of the deck. It is an essential aspect of a skateboard that should not be overlooked.

The width: Skateboard decks vary in width which is measured in inches. Boards below 7.8′ are considered thin while those above 8.5′ are wide. The width of the board should be selected based on the user’s size and preference. A thin board will be lighter and allow the execution of technical stunts effortlessly, while a wider board will provide more stability and strength.

The concave: Skateboards come with different levels of concavity that can affect performance. The more concave a board is, the faster stunts can be executed. However, a weak concave is easier to control on flat surfaces.

The brand: Each skateboard brand has its unique image and identity, ranging from professional to artistic. Selecting a brand is primarily a matter of personal preference.

The grip: The grip tape on the skateboard can affect performance and should be considered when selecting a skateboard.

Pricing for skateboards varies based on the product offered. There are four main categories- Nude boards at €39, European brand boards ranging from €60 to €70, American brand boards priced from €70 to €90, and limited edition or reissue boards from €85 to €125. The price differences can be due to factors such as design costs, sponsorship of pro-skateboarders, communication budgets, variety of shapes available, and intermediaries involved in the board production process.