Why do we introduce Acryic items?

We introduce Acrylic Items that can surely help your business sales in the coming season. 

The initial intention of introducing the acrylic helmet stand is due to the many consultations of how to properly and nicely keep helmets in stores or offices or home. 

As you all know, properly stored helmet can help to main the condition and good-looking of the items. Also, it helps keep our working or living space in a clean and organized manner. Laterally, we found this could be good items for all of you. Then, It turns out to bring the acrylic items into our partners around the world.

What is the advantage of acrylic item over other material?

Here is the statement that we think acrylic items are better than the same item made by other materials. The nature of one type of material plays a key role on the performance of its function.

Easy to fabricate, machine, and thermoform. 

Let’s start with the manufacturing stage, the performance of acrylic is good when shape the material. It can be easily molded into a variety of shapes when heated up to 100 degree. The shape formed up when it cools. 

The relatively easy and simple process indicates the stability of product quality and low defects of the final products.(As we all know the risk of defect items is high when the manufacturing press is complicated) This would save so much of after-sales worries and lost. On the other hand, it gives you more imagination of the shape of items.

Weather resistant
Highly transparent, optically clear, and UV Resistant
Stronger and Impact Resistant

It is a tough material. The toughness of acrylic items fit for both outdoor and indoor use and give a great performance in resist bad weather. No matter it is rain, snow, storm, sunshine, the acrylic item can keep a good status and performance. Also, different from the other material, the acrylic has a good ability to retain the color for a long period.

The clear acrylic items have high optical clarity. And it does not turn yellow with age. When making cases or boxes, compared with metal or other plastic item, it is so much easier to identify what is inside of an acrylic case or behind an acrylic piece. 

The nature of UV resistant can prevent the stuff from UV damage.

The impact resistance of acrylic is about 10 times than glass, which is a great safety feature. And it is almost half in weight than glass. This definitely can be a good reason of choosing acrylic items.

What is the acrylic application of our item?

1. Indoor and outdoor signs 2. POP displays and exhibits 3. LED diffusing lighting panels 4. Brochure holders 5. Shelves and retail fixtures 6. Frames and display cases

Acrylic Helmet Stand Type I

the upper circular support plate is 3.9 inches in diameter; The anti-slip base 5.9 inch wide; the helmet stand is 12 inches high; 5mm thick acrylic with smooth surface.

Acrylic Helmet Stand Feature

This helmet stand is the perfect solution for storage or displaying your helmet and fits most helmets. Just place your favorite helmet on this, it would be an amazing decoration for your room or office.

Stable Support: made of 5mm thick acrylic with smooth surface that won’t scratch your beloved collectible helmet. The 6-inch wide anti-slip base provide a long-term reliable support without worrying about the helmet toppling over.

Universal Size: the helmet stand is 12 inches high and the upper circular support plate is 3 inches in diameter, suitable for most sports helmets.

Easy to Assemble: with 4 screws to connect the parts and you are done! Please remove the protective film on the acrylic surface before assembly. Be careful not to tighten the screws too tightly to avoid damaging the stand

Acrylic Helmet Box

Update soon…


  • The protective films (double layers) must be removed from the acrylic surfaces before assembly.
  • Please read the user manual before assembling your display case.

Acrylic Helmet Box Feature

This helmet case are designed to provide an all-around display or storage for your helmets.

With high quality thick transparent acrylic, it is exquisite and durable and will show your collection clearly and beautifully. While effectively reducing the effects of dust and light for your collection, preventing your signature helmet from fading and plastic aging.

Holds many types of collectibles: Helmets, Hockey Masks,  Dolls, Figurines, Soccer, and Hockey,etc.

The specially designed for all your collections, bringing you more choices.

This is the perfect gift for sports lovers. If you have any problems, just feel free to contact us at any time!

Anybody can set up this helmet display case full size easily.

Why Choose Xiuzhi Tech

Here at Xiuzhi Tech, we know that as a new company, establishing trust and reliability is critical to attracting customers. That’s why we made a promise from day one – our products will always meet the highest standards for quality and durability, no matter the price.

For the past year, we have worked diligently to establish a foundation of excellence that larger, more established companies take for granted. We source only the most premium materials from trusted suppliers. Our products undergo rigorous testing at every stage to identify and correct any flaws or defects. And we constantly refine our processes to create even better results.

More than anything, we want your brand to feel confident recommending our products to your customers, riders and employees. You deserve peace of mind knowing they will perform as promised, day after day, year after year. That’s why we go the extra mile to verify the quality and strength of every stitch, snap and seam – so you never have to worry.

We realize earning your trust will take time. But our commitment to product excellence is how we plan to prove ourselves as a valuable, long-term supplier. Our products may not always be the cheapest. But we firmly believe in the principle that “price pays for the product, but quality remains long after the memory of price is forgotten.”