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Balance Bike Helmets

If you plan to distribute the sports protection items, as a balance bike helmets manufacturer, we would like to introduce you the following model.

This model of scooter helmet is the most classic helmet design. It is a popular helmet on Amazon and can be used for multiple purposes such as kids balance bike skateboarding, scooters, kids bike. 

The high-performance helmet provides incredibly aerodynamic in every head position. Ventilation is strongly supported by the intakes and exhaust vents strategically positioned around the helmets.Safety and head protection is ensured by multiple testing standards in the third-party lab.

This helmet meets the following safety standard: CE EN 1078/CPSC 1203/ASTM. The helmet is made of ABS plus specially formulated Expanded polystyrene (EPS). 

The weight of the helmet is about 350g and with four different sizes: S(52-56cm); M(54-58cm); L(56-60cm). The proper head shape and soft cushion liner material offer comfort to the ultimate level

Balance Bike


A balance bike is a bike without pedals. It has a frame, fork, handlebars and wheels but no drivetrain (pedals, chain, sprockets). To move forwards, kids push off the ground with their feet, like Fred Flintstone.

Balance bikes don’t have stabilisers (aka training wheels). Kids stabilise themselves by having their feet on the ground, so they can develop their balance and coordination without the need for stabilisers. When they’re confident and ready, they can then progress to pedals. 

The tide has turned on stabilisers with all leading bike brands recognising balance bikes as the way forward and adding them to their ranges..

Starting early on a balance bike can have numerous benefits for your child’s development. Balance bikes are a type of bicycle that are designed to help children learn to balance and steer before they graduate to a traditional pedal bike. Here are some ways that starting early on a balance bike can benefit your child’s development:

  1. Safe And Fun
  2. Easy To Use
  3. Develops Motor Skills
  4. Boosts Confidence
  5. Encourages Outdoor Play
  6. Early Independent Cycling

If you are wondering are balance bikes the best way to learn to cycle, studies have shown that children who learn to cycle on balance bikes develop better balance, strength and coordination. It is also now proven to lead to earlier independent cycling.

How to choose the most fit balance bike helmets manufacturer or supplier, we would suggest you check this article as a reference.