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Protective Sets

Get the Ultimate Protection Needed for Sports and Fitness with Our Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, and Wrist Guards

Protective Gear Set

We’re excited to showcase our latest set of protective gear designed for sports enthusiasts of all levels. Our Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, and Wrist Guards are made with the highest quality materials and offer unparalleled protection against accidents and injuries.


Our Protective Gear is made with a Durable PVC shell, Breathable Nylon sleeves, and Ventilated EVA foam. The anti-scratch high-hardness PVC shell provides hard protection while the soft sponge material offers impact buffering. This is especially important when preventing wrist, elbow, and knee injuries during high-impact sports.


In addition to its materials, our Protective Gear also features contoured and form-fitting designs that cradle the curvature of your joints. This unique shape allows your knee and elbow caps to rest perfectly in place while ventilated EVA foam ensures cool air flow and limits perspiration. Meanwhile, adjustable Velcro straps ensure free movement during exercise, allowing you to enjoy the experience freely.

Size and Application

Our Protective Gear comes in different sizes for people of various age ranges and weight classes. The X-SMALL is recommended for children aged 3-5 weighing between 33-66lbs, while the SMALL is perfect for children aged 5-8 weighing between 66-100lbs. The MEDIUM size is ideal for youths weighing between 100-155lbs, with adults weighing between 155-220lbs opting for the LARGE size. These Protective Gears are designed for sports safety protection, especially suitable for activities such as bicycle racing, roller skating, skateboarding, hover boarding, penny boarding, scootering, skate derby, and other sports.


Finally, our Protective Gear Set comes with two Knee Pads, two Elbow Pads, two Wrist Pads, and a collecting handbag for convenience. It is also a perfect gift for children or adults on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday, and Children’s Day.

We hope this introduction has given you enough insight into our latest release! With its superior materials, contoured design, adjustability, and convenient carrying case, our Protective Gear Set is sure to impress even the most discerning athletes and sports enthusiasts.