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Road Bike Gloves

The Perfect Companion for Next Cycling or Scootering Adventure: Invest in Our Gloves

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We are very excited to introduce a new line of gloves specially designed for a wide range of activities. Whether it is for riding a bike or scooter, running, driving or cycling, our gloves offer you comfort, durability and great performance while making your activity something you can enjoy even more.



Our gloves are made from top-quality materials that ensure long-term use. The cool mesh, polyester, spandex, microfiber, leather, synthetic and polyurethane materials used in each of our glove products have been carefully selected to provide the best combination of durability, comfort and functionality.


Weight and Size

We understand that gloves need to be optimized for different applications therefore we offer lightweight/heavyweight gloves depending on the desired application. We also ensure a perfect fit by offering different sizes of gloves including S, M, L and XL sizes based on palm width, back width and back length measurements.



Our gloves come with highly attractive features to ensure that they not only look good but perform better than any other gloves out there. Non-slip material on the palm and reinforced stitching finger design provides maximum grip and excellent control of the reins. Additionally, optimum ventilation through mesh material ensures good breathability making our gloves comfortable to wear, especially in summer. Our gloves also feature stretchable, durable and machine washable material which remains unfaded and unfrayed after multiple usages. Lastly, waterproof surfaces allow for usage in wet conditions and customized graphics and logos offer personalized branding and visual appeal.



Our gloves are purpose-built for various activities such as kids’ bike and scooter riding, cycling, running and driving. They provide protection when needed, ensure a comfortable grip and control of the handlebars and help make the whole experience even more enjoyable while protecting the palms of your hands.


We hope this introduction has provided you with a glimpse of the unique features and benefits to be enjoyed from our glove products. Whether the consumer is an amateur or a professional rider, you can rely on us to deliver top-quality gloves that will not just protect your hands, but enhance your performance and overall experience during any activity.