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Scooter Helmets

Stunt Scooter Helmets: Safety Meets Style

Scooter Helmet [HM03]

This model of scooter helmet is the most classic helmet design. It is the best-selling helmet on Amazon and can be used for multiple purposes such as skateboarding, scooters, kids bike. 

The high-performance helmet provides incredibly aerodynamic in every head position. Ventilation is strongly supported by the intakes and exhaust vents strategically positioned around the helmets.Safety and head protection is ensured by multiple testing standards in the third-party lab.

This helmet meets the following safety standard: CE EN 1078/CPSC 1203/ASTM. The helmet is made of ABS plus specially formulated Expanded polystyrene (EPS). 

The weight of the helmet is about 350g and with four different sizes: XS (48-52cm); S(52-56cm); M(54-58cm); L(56-60cm). The proper head shape and soft cushion liner material offer comfort to the ultimate level.

Scooter 101

A scooter is one kind of vehicle that is used for riding with fun to travel in short distances or sometimes long distances in cities or urban areas. It has a very good style that is made of two-wheeled motor vehicles traditionally. The structure is constructed based on some particular patterned characteristics that include step-through frames, wheels, and an engine enclosed below the rider and near to the rear.

A long steering handle is adjusted that helps move forward by propelling through foot resting on a floorboard and pushing the other against the ground.

There are various types of scooters in the market currently. Before having development in the Scooty industry people used to ride only a few categorized scooters. So, it was easy to select the desired scooter for commuting. But, the time has changed and so many scooters are available there. Here, we are listing below a few types of scooters to make your sense stronger about the ownership of your scooter. There are basically three types of scooters: Electric Scooters and Gas Scooters, Kick Scooter.

The advantage of Scooters: are environment Friendly; Usability & Durability; Cost; Speed Rate. Although scooters are more comfortable, mileage, cheaper, still there are few downsides of scooters., Many users don’t follow the rules of using motor scooters and fall into accidental issues because of high speed. But, if one is careful and maintains the proper rules when riding, the problem doesn’t occur. There are some legal barriers to come and go everywhere during riding scooters. But, you can commute freely and frankly in unrestricted areas in your towns or cities. 

Why do Consumer need Scooter Helmet

1 The helmets are designed to help prevent injuries to your head 

2 Trauma to the brain can occur as a result of an impact, which can cause a concussion or open skull fracture, or a jarring motion, such as a quick turn or sudden stop. 

3 There is a must for sports, not an option.