How to measure for roller skate?

What is the sizing process for skates based on length? 

Begin by standing straight with your heels against a flat wall to obtain the length measurement. Ask someone to place a dot or line on the floor right in front of your longest toe, and measure from the wall to this dot. 

Do this for both feet and write down the exact measurement to the 1/16th inch or to the MM (metric). It’s essential to provide us with the exact measurements when asking for assistance. 

For greater accuracy, six-point measurements and foot tracings can be used with Edea skates. Trace the outline of both relaxed feet while measuring the tip of the toe to the center of the heel in inches and writing it down on the tracing. 

In a sitting position, take measurements of the ball, instep, heel, ankle, and top using a flexible tape measure. Include skater data like age, height, weight, test level, frequency of skating, previous skate and blade brands, and sizes. After obtaining foot measurements, refer to the skate brand’s size chart to find the exact measurements of the boot. 

Remember, if your foot is 9.5 inches long, you should not choose a boot that is 9.5″ long, as most skates taper towards the front, so give yourself around 3/16″ or 5-7mm of space.

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If you want to find the right size of roller skates for yourself or someone else, it can be as easy as 1-2-3. 

Always avoid relying on your current shoe size and instead measure your feet correctly. To do this, trace your foot onto a piece of paper and draw a straight line beside it that’s parallel to the edge of the paper. 

Next, draw another line across the page at the highest and lowest points of your feet. Measure the distance between where the two lines intersect to get the best measurement of your foot length, and always size according to your bigger foot. 

Compare this measurement to the size chart of your preferred skate model, ensuring you allow some wiggle room of at least half a centimeter to a full centimeter in front of your toe. This is based on factors such as your feet having finished growing, not experiencing swelling after long periods of use, and not being overly broad.