What can I do to take care of my new skateboard?

New Players often inquire about ways to prolong the lifespan of their newly acquired skateboard. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid skating in wet or damp conditions. Not only is this bad for the wood, but water and dirt can lead to rusty and rough bearings.
  • Clean your bearings regularly. While most good quality bearings come lubricated, this can wear off over time. It is important to avoid using WD40 because it is not a lubricant. Bones Speed Cream is a suitable alternative.
  • Griptape can be cleaned with an appropriate cleaner but it’s usually easier to replace it altogether.
  • Ensure that the nuts and bolts are tight. The wheels should spin smoothly while the trucks remain sturdy.
  • Store your skateboard in a cool, dry place – preferably not next to your favorite biscuits but certainly not outside!