What is the key components of the skateboard trucks?

Skateboard trucks consist of several components, including axles, hangers, baseplates, kingpins, and bushings. Each part is available in different types and sizes, and it’s essential to select the correct ones for your skateboard setup.

  • Axles: These are long, thin pins that hold the wheels. The axle ends should align with or be close to the sides of the board.
  • Hangers: The hanger is the wider part of the truck that holds the axle and wheels. It’s the portion on which you grind and make contact with the surface.
  • Baseplate: This component serves as the foundation of the truck, attaching to the skateboard itself. The kingpin and pivot cup are also located here.
  • Kingpins: The bolt running through the middle of the baseplate connects the hanger to the baseplate. A nut secures it in place, and the bushing can be tightened or loosened to adjust the truck’s turning ability.
  • Bushings: The colored rings made of urethane around the kingpin offer cushion and support when turning. You can tighten or loosen them to customize the feel and turn of your truck. Softer bushings offer a looser feeling, while harder ones provide more resistance.
  • Axle and Kingpin Nuts: These bolts fix the wheel to the axle and the kingpin to the bushing and baseplate. You can adjust them using a skate tool.