Helmet Up: Helmets retail opportunities from CA New Youth Helmet Law

helmets retail opportunty ca law


California’s new youth helmet law presents an opportunity for retailers if you stock the right safety gear.

The bill, signed into law in 2020, requires all riders under 18 to wear helmets when using devices like bikes, scooters and skateboards. The goal is to reduce head injuries among young riders, who are especially at risk.  

As more Californians comply with the law, demand for skate/bike helmets will rise. While some retailers already offer helmets, many do not. There is a need for more choice and an opportunity for those who provide it.

If your business targets youth and families, helmet sales could have an outsized impact. Stocking a variety of options, from bike helmets to multi-sport and full-face helmets in multiple sizes, can help you meet this demand.   

Adding helmets to your offering can help differentiate your business while providing an essential safety product. And partnering with a reputable distributor can make the process seamless.  

At Xiuzhi Tech, we’ve spent years curating a selection of the highest quality youth helmets. Our vast inventory, fast fulfillment and expert advice can help you maximize the opportunities from California’s youth helmet law.  

If you’re ready to boost your helmet selection but unsure where to begin, let’s talk. We’ll recommend the specific helmet options that best fit your customers’ needs and your business goals.

Helmet sales represent a chance to grow your customer base, engage parents and demonstrate your commitment to safety. With the right partner, the process is simple.  

Let’s discuss how Xiuzhi Tech can help you prepare for what’s ahead.

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