Hockey helmet 3D Printing

hockey helmet 3d printing

Hockey helmet, or helmet in general, is not new to everybody. The helmet technology is slowly evolved in many different aspects, such as material, production.

The beginning of the helmet is heavily on the safety consideration. As of today, there are many safety standards established, and testing equipment are made for many different aspects, such as impact, stability. Besides safety, users or players care more on the comfort, looking or appearance.

There is a news about the hockey helmet about Bauer Re-akt helmet recently. With the application of 3D printing, Bauer brings a new solution for the fitting and comfort.

Basically, they take a full digital scan of buyer’s head at a retail location. then print the 3D liner using patented digit foam. In this way, the liner is fully personalized and customized to each individual head. This type of liner also ensures the helmet always stays on the head properly for the maximum protection.

helmets technology

This is an amazing development on the application of material and 3D printing technology. there is no price information yet. It will started to be used by the professional hockey players then spread on the market.

There will be more new technology developed or applied on the helmets. We are also working on the material used for the shell. We aim to develop a material which can be thinner, light, more impact absorption. Lets work together to build a safety world for our head.

helmets technology hockey helmet 3d printing liner

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