Scooter Sharing Program

Bike Sharing Program

Here in China, shared bicycle is program is common and popular. Safety is one critical factor to consider before launching. With the electrical power technology, scooter sharing program is coming to a new age. We explore the helmets as supplement business of scooter sharing and think from the benefits of a scooter company, no matter you are a branding company or scooter manufacturers with your own brands. This article might given you an open door to evaluate the scooter sharing program.

Why should you consider scooter sharing business?

To begin with, we would like to share the benefits to scooter companies. Not included in all aspects, but the key points as the following.

There is no doubt that it would increase your brand visibility and recognition. Image, people will notice groups of scooter with your brand in many street parking area. Your brand will be spread month by month, photo by photo on social media. With a rental riding experience, riders definitely gain an economic experience to test your scooters. Compared with inviting to your store for experience, this provide more chance for a trial riding. Subsequently, it is sales leads. As a consumer, i will be more willing to buy the products with a stable performance and tested quality.

With a scooter sharing program, your scooter company will be directly benefits on the sales revenue. As the program is lasting, this is a long-lasting and stable sales income. 

What could be ahead of this program?

This business also has its challenges. For example, the fixed cost of purchasing and maintaining scooters, even though it is made by your manufacturer. It is still considered as fixed cost. During the program, it has operations costs,for example, charging, maintenance, repair. Then, the competition of mobility options, such as bike-sharing, has to be considered. In addition, the regulatory in the program city, the communication with many different department of local government.

Considering the problems ahead, to gain the supports from the government leads is helpful. The scooter sharing program can help to reduce the carbon emission, which is a goal to work on. The gov even can invest or set up funding to the infrastructure. Better parking or operation space can be offered. That would be helpful to gain competitive advantage and make this program profitable. 

In a beautiful city, San Diego, it has a successful scooter sharing program.

Scooter Sharing Program in San Diego

From this case, we can tell the partnership between the city of San Diego and the scooter company is an important factor for this program. This city also can benefit from the environment improvement and positive impact on the traffic congestion.

The scooter companies can generate revenue from the rental fee, and sales of the scooters. Besides these, there is more chance to establish distributors and agents in different region. In addition, the data-driven insights and feedback can contribute to the future product development.

In the end, we have to say, the importance of safety. It is always necessary to wear helmets while riding a scooter. It could break the local regulation when offer scooter sharing program without providing helmets. As a reliable helmet supplier, we are dedicated to offering quality reliable scooter helmets on markets. 

helmets for scooter sharing program

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