Thought: Consider A Reliable and Consistency Helmet Supplier

All of a sudden, your beloved Giro helmet is not safe any more. It may be a small mistake from the helmet supplier. Surprisingly reading the news about Bell Sports Recalls Giro Merit Helmets Due to Risk of Head Injury. This is not the first helmet recall, most likely, it is not the last one neither. The function and purpose of the helmet is prevent head injury. Luckily, there is no loss and accident reported yet. The branding company show the corporation responsibility and take actions to deal with the non-qualified helmets.

Firstly, the following is the information about this call.

This recall only involves Giro Merit helmets manufactured prior to January 2023. The recalled Giro Merit helmet can be identified by the model’s name “Merit” on the rear/side of the helmet. It can also be identified by the inner helmet sticker which has the model’s name “Merit” written on it and also GH230. Lucky, these helmets are manufactured in a certain period and the problem is just one model for now.

Here is the information source:

Here is a PDF for details.

Following the website, there is two more recall cases happened recently.

Here is a link, which you can find more helmet recall information.

When a product’s safety comes into question, timing is everything — particularly in the digital age when information and misinformation spread rapidly. Decisions need to be made quickly, but ill-judged ones can add cost and damage your reputation.

Product recalls are complex and can have serious consequences if mismanaged. The notification, retrieval, processing, storage and disposal of recalled products are complex undertakings that require proper management of risks to minimize impacts and protect your brand and reputation.

If managed poorly, a recall often wreaks devastating consequences on a company’s reputation, market share and bottom line.

The biggest costs of a product recall event are business interruption, loss of sales and reputational damage.   

There is high possibility that this is a problem of the supply chain management. If one case(or problem) was founded and published, then there is at least multiple ones. The miss or error of quality control reflect the condition and level of production management. Even though, the problems can be fixed. However, to the branding partner, it is a big loss. And brands take a long time and burn lots of money to build up a brand and influence the the consumer buying decision.

Considering such a complex and worse result, it is always good to choose the reliable partner to start the business.

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