Great Sales of Kids Helmets

green skate helmet kids helmet

Colors of kids helmets are a critical influencing factor in purchases for more than 90% of people. Colors convey different meanings and feelings to different people. It all depends on age, gender, and tradition. This rule is suitable for kids’ helmets.

Here are a few statics and facts to help us understand the influence of color on product sales.

  • According to kissmetrics, 92,6 % of people say the visual dimension is the #1 influencing factor affecting the purchase decision.
  • Studies suggest that people make a subconscious judgment about the product within 90 seconds of initial viewing, 90 % of this assessment is based on color alone.
  • 93% of people who buy, look at visual appearance

With the awareness of the color influence on product sales, it is necessary to choose and make full use of the proper color for kids’ helmets to represent the brand personality.

In addition, consumers will react to colors based on their personal experiences and cultural background. thus, making kids helmets in different colors for different regions and cultures is the first step to helping you start or grow your business in this area. 

Research carried out by Robert Barton, and Russell Hill on the Impact of Red on Combat Sports in 2005 showed that competitors wearing red were more likely to win. They wrote, “We find that wearing red is consistently associated with a higher probability of winning.”The red color is usually associated with power and urgency, as well as power and anger.

In sales, red give a sense of pushing visitors to action. It creates a sense of urgency in customers.

Consequently, you see the color red in action during clearance sales and promo sales. Black Friday sales advert is also set in red to give you that sense of urgency.

Your goal is to attract people to your store instead of the other; so, your sales sign should be bright and scream importance.

Additionally, red is a color that stimulates appetite, thus, its use in various fast-food chains. It is also associated with excitement, passion, and movement.

When using red, you want to be careful as it incites different emotions in different people.

What is the best kids helmet color you prefer? It might depend on the mood and place where you go. Here is three colors that we found popular nowadays. We added color to the helmet mock-up.

green skate helmet kids helmet
blue skate helmet kids helmet
orange skate helmet kids helmet

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