Prepare for one press on nails online shop

before open press on nails online shop

Have you ever think of being an Press on nails online shop owner?

Here we would like to give you the information that could be a way and a product to make it come true.

why should you consider press on nails online shop?

The Convenience of Press on Nails is the key advantage among the competition with related products. It is easy to wear and take off.

The using method is relatively easy. Beauty could learn the skills in a short time then make a beautiful hand. This is greatly save time compared with the traditional way.

Nail tips are meant to be used as an extension under an enhancement medium such as acrylic, hard gel, wraps, etc. which makes them part of a semi-permanent solution to lengthen nails.

Wear on and off need polish the nail tips, which take a while. And the tips had to go to a salon for and when one needed fixing you had to wait for an appointment,

The connection is via jelly glue and sustains about a week. Then replace the jelly glue for a long using. The traditional Nail Tips can used for about 1 month or longer compared with the press on nails.

It is economic to use and no bother to consider the cost compared with the traditional nail service fee in beauty store. The traditional way is more expensive. In addition, once you wear off the nail tips, then it is over.

It doesnt affect the health of your original nails. The traditional way might make the original nails fragile, thinner, and have caused other health issue.

Further more, the shape and size can be customized which is make the fitting better and comfort to wear.

Press on Nail Spec

Type: Full Cover;

Color: Red, Pink, Brown, Purple, Cherry, Rose Red, Mixed Color, etc;

Shape: Coffin,Almond,Ballerina,Square,Oval;

Size: XS, S, M, L

Material: Acrylic high quality ABS Eco-friendly material, PMMA;

Customization: Color, Shape, Package;

Package: 24pcs/Set Packed by White or Color Box With Plastic Tray;


How to measure your finger size?

how to measure the nail size

How to wear press on nails with Jelly glue

How to wear press on nails with Jelly glue

The size of press on nails.

The size of press on nails

For more information about the press on nails, please feel free to contact us. Our team offers one to one consultant service. 

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