Supplier Verification System Ensuring Excellence in Sourcing and Purchasing Services


Supplier Verification System is the outcome of accumulated supply chain experience and integration of different aspects for checking. At Xiuzhi Tech, we understand the pivotal role suppliers play in the success of any business. With our added sourcing and purchasing service since last November, we’ve established a robust supplier verification system to guarantee the quality and reliability of our suppliers. We would like to share the key points of our verification process and welcome your feedback to further enhance and refine our system.

When evaluating a new supplier, we meticulously examine six critical aspects: people, machine, raw material, system, environment, and inspection.


1. People – The Key Element of Supplier Verification System 


An safety accident in production can hurt the people health, and also can break all the production plan, which affect the products sales. It is a big loss for the company, for these families. And it is also an embarrassed situation when a big sales meet supply shortage. The awareness of the manufacturer and people is very important. We would check if there is EHS staff or related function workers; if the workers have safety protection equipment; if the fire alarm and equipment still work; if there is periodical safety training; and other safety related matters.


the skills of workers and the stability of the workers. Less experienced workers, might cause the following: workers can damage the machine and break the production plan and delay the delivery plan. Workers can be hurt by the machine, which result in a safety accident. Low efficiency means high rejection rate, which make the cost increased. Besides these, if the worker turn over rate is high indicates that there is potential management or other issue.


2. Machine – Maintenance and Reliability


It needs to be maintained in a certain period and fix the issues in time. Running the machine without proper maintain may result unpredictable problems. It is like a bomb. In order to fix these issue, it needs relatively a long time and money. The delayed time definitely affect the delivery plan and sales, and the money will caused the increase of the product cost.


3. Raw Material – Ensuring Quality and Traceability


Whether workers inspect the incoming material and record the statics; how to handle the low quality material; actually, whether the supplier inspect their supplier; how to deal with the returned products from clients; what is the stock level; whether the material traceable in the production progress; if there is an inspection in each production step; how to fulfill the inspection before delivery.

supplier verfication system key element people

4. System and Regulation – Establishing Standards


We assess the presence of production procedures, methods, SOPs, drawings, planning charts, and inspection standards to ensure that the supplier adheres to well-defined processes. This is another important checking point of Supplier Verification System.


5. Environment – Meeting High Standards


For products with specific workshop requirements, such as no-duct workshops, and those sensitive to climate differences, we consider the impact of the workshop environment on product quality, acknowledging factors like temperature variations between regions.


6. Inspection and Testing – Certifying Capability


We verify the qualifications of inspectors, ensuring they possess relevant certificates. Some roles may require special licenses, and we also confirm that testing machines are calibrated annually.


By meticulously evaluating these six aspects from Supplier Verification System, we elevate the quality of our sourcing and purchasing services at Xiuzhi Tech. We are confident that our commitment to professionalism and reliability sets us apart from our competitors, allowing us to deliver unparalleled value to our clients.


Feel free to reach out with any feedback or suggestions as we continually strive to exceed expectations in our sourcing and purchasing endeavors.

supplier verfication system establishing standards system and regulation

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