Sport Gloves crisis PR

Sport Gloves crisis

How to react to a sport gloves crisis under a recall situation? With the pandemic lasting for years, more people tend to do outdoor sports and exercise the body. Hopefully, people can boost their immune system working capacity to against the virus. When do outdoor sports, hand protection and glove selection should be considered.

How to choose sport gloves

As you can see from the following screenshot on Amazon, there is so many choices.

sport gloves choice

There is different style, types, price range. How to select the best sport gloves, you can click to check the article wrote previously as a reference.

Sport gloves crisis management

However, there is the thing that we should pay attention is the quality of the sport gloves mainly refer to the health related issue. Two gloves recall cases found on the UK official gov website.

sport gloves recall
sport gloves recall

As you can see, the material of the gloves do affect our health. We should check and research the details of the sports gloves used.  For a suppilier, this is tips that we could do once it happened. We have no mean to do it on purpose, however mistakes could be made unconsciously and can be the game played by your competitors.

Be prepared

Always have a plan for the unpredictable matter. Firstly, It is necessary to have a team from the major departments of your organization. Secondly, the team have a monthly meeting to brainstorming the solutions to the issues happened in your industry and make reaction plan. Then you could practice the actions.

Accept the responsibility

If it happened, then there is a reason. Firstly, we could do an internal investigation before speak out any voice. Then you team could speak out to accept the proper responsibility based on the investigation. It is not all your fault, however there must be your mistakes as least in some aspects. 

Further more, the team name a speaker to represent the organization, others remain their duty in the company to keep the operation. But all the voices and words better from one channel, even if there is special cases that need another speaker. Make sure to keep consistent on the words and answers. In addition, take proper actions to help people and the public if it made a damage. For example, make a recall action and compensation to the loss of the people.

As a reliable company and supplier, let’s take our social responsibility to contribute the society and the world. If you have any question related to the sports gloves, please feel free to contact us for a reference or a business opportunity.

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