Gloves holiday sales tip

gloves holiday sales

Continuing a similar topic, we would like to discuss the gloves holiday sales tips. Surely, it gives at least a little help and hints to boost your sales. Plan discount and offer in advance people always look out for discounts and sales. so it is helpful to plan and start a marketing campaign earlier. when …

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Sport Gloves crisis PR

Sport Gloves crisis

How to react to a sport gloves crisis under a recall situation? With the pandemic lasting for years, more people tend to do outdoor sports and exercise the body. Hopefully, people can boost their immune system working capacity to against the virus. When do outdoor sports, hand protection and glove selection should be considered. How …

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New consumer behavior

holiday shopping

There are days before the thanksgiving holiday and it gives strong signals of the coming of the shopping season. However, retailers have to face the challenges. The new attribute of consumer behavior. The spread of the pandemic has seriously disrupted the supply chain system in the past year. The continuing high case rate for Covid-19 …

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Kids Market Strategy

kids market toys

Have you ever thought of the kids bike helmet market? Nowadays, macroeconomics is to be forward. Actually, it is a recession. However, it provides a huge opportunity to differentiate your company from the competitors. There is a quote, “It’s going to be hard, but hard does not mean impossible” At this moment, we see many …

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