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Have you ever thought of the kids bike helmet market? Nowadays, macroeconomics is to be forward. Actually, it is a recession. However, it provides a huge opportunity to differentiate your company from the competitors.

There is a quote, “It’s going to be hard, but hard does not mean impossible”
At this moment, we see many companies cut the budgets for talent to lower the operation cost. That’s true, less expense is helpful to the financial tables. Unfortunately, it loses the chance and potential to rise up when the times come in the near future. A different voice state that a high expense might give them a chance to smell the spring.
Consumer decision is a complex action and many factors are hidden behind it. In my perspective, it is necessary to keep the investment and protect the burning fire against the cold wind and rain. Actually, there are surveys showing that 1% investment in sales and marketing can result in 1% revenue increase. It doesn’t apply to every industry and company.
The other reason to keep the talent is productivity. The efficiency of the organization is tied to sales as well. The productivity of the people is related to the training. The company needs a solid fund to keep the training and help the talents to grow up and be more productive.
As many of you knows that we are in a stage of population aging. There are more than 3 million new births in the U.S. The kids market is still growing with more choices of products and high-end products.
A happy childhood always with the memory of playing outdoors, riding, and skating. The market of kids bike helmet is there and still get the chance to step forward.

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