Supply Chain Data Leak

supply chain

Regardless the business scope of your business, supply chain is critical to the business success, of course including kids helmets.

Homogenization is not a new word any more. Differentiation strategy is most discussed among the suppliers and manufacturers. This article will discuss this topic from two points: professional service and data protection.


supply chain

Speaking of creating values for customer, it has to mention the professional service. For example, professional sales can save time for purchasing work, fluent language speaking can greatly help the design team and project team move forward on the stage and remove the barrier. The branding companies can easily experience in a short run.

supply chain data leak

However, branding companies also need consider the risk of data leak. We used to have a customer plan to develop new product with one manufacturer, however, before they finish the project and launch it on market. Some one has already sell it in a low price. It caused the efforts and investment in vain due to the data leak.

The loss has been happened and lesson learned. However, there is no way to start it again. As the market is has been occupied and the chance has been passed.

It is so important to find the right supply chain partner for your new product. This need to take proper actions in advance, which could lower the risk of data leak.

supply chain data secret

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